World Food Championship TEAM ALABAMA

The World Food Championships (WFC),  set for October 16-20 in Dallas Texas, is the largest Food Sport event in the world with some 450 teams from 40+ states and 13 countries competing annually for a total prize purse of $300,000 and the ultimate title of World Food Champion.

Before a competitor can challenge the world, he or she must earn a seat by winning a certified WFC qualifying event.  In past years this has involved more than 600 individual events across the country and even internationally.  Beginning this year, WFC announced a new State Partner initiative designed to streamline the qualifying process and get it more localized while also assuring selection of the best chefs, home cooks and competition teams in each state.

 The World Food Championships (WFC) and Alabama Coasting announced an extension of its 2019 Alabama State Partnership. With WFC moving its main event to Dallas this October, Alabama Coasting has agreed to take on an enhanced responsibility as the primary gateway for Alabama competitors who want to qualify into the world’s largest Food Sport event.

In that role, we will coordinate and sanction all state related WFC activities including sponsoring or endorsing exclusive WFC qualifying events, hosting certified judging classes, licensing official products, and creating other WFC "chef-centric" events.